The essence of clothing in human lives has long transcended the primal need to preserve modesty. Its purpose now, not only includes keeping up with the latest trends but also shaping identities. Clothing items can be grouped into several categories depending on purpose. Regardless, however, a good piece of clothing is expected to serve one primary purpose; make the wearer comfortable.

There are a plethora of online stores where good clothing items can be bought. However, due to numerous wants and scarce resources, consumers tend to buy cheap items, usually with low quality than high-grade ones with higher prices. Although a consumer would go home with more items every time she makes a decision like this, in the long run, she loses more than she gains.

Buying low quality clothes from an online store can be your worst nightmare. Here’s why:

1.          Low quality clothes are poorly made

Low quality clothes are usually made with poor workmanship and cheap materials, which explains why they are of low quality.  Items can be dirty, snagged, unfinished hem, have loose threads or poor seams, and even unwearable.

2.          They don’t fit you

Most cheap clothes are one-shape-fits-all. You can almost expect them to be either too tight or too loose in the wrong places, and this definitely won’t be what you want.

3.          Low quality clothes end up being expensive

When you buy a low quality cloth, you spend money on adjustments and repair. If it doesn’t come with one button short, its zipper may get broken on your first trial, and this ends up costing more money to fix.

4.          The stores selling them could be unprofessional

Apart from the sorry nature of the clothing items themselves, the vendors selling them are usually an apology for a clothing store. Customer reviews of some online stores reveal that these vendors are often grossly unprofessional, have the worst customer service and somewhat non-existent return policy. It goes without saying that you should check stores’ reviews whether popular, like Especially Yours and Public Desire or not before buying any clothing item.

5.          They make you feel uncomfortable

You feel vulnerable and unconfident when you wear low quality clothes and it can affect your self-esteem.

6.          They tire you easily

Low quality clothes don’t inspire you to wear them often unless you don’t have a choice. You’re likely to discard them the minute you can afford to do so, usually for no apparent reasons other than “I don’t like it again.”

7.          They are common

You are likely to run into someone wearing an exact copy of your cloth if it’s low quality.

8.          They don’t last long

Low quality clothes are not durable. If you don’t get tired of them, they will get tired of you real soon.

9.          They contribute to environmental waste

Because low quality clothes are poorly made, usually from unsustainable cotton and synthetics, they don’t decay easily when discarded.

Low quality clothes might come at low prices but they are a reflection of bad quality, and have high potential to cost you socially.