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Chanel Chases Waterfalls With Transparent Rainwear

Paris Fashion Week—the final leg of the monthlong spectacle of runway shows, parties, and Instagram FOMO—is coming to an end. Valentino can always be counted on for a handful of red clothes, but it was the yin and yang of black and white that basically stood out, from the checkerboard-patterned clothes at Dior and outsized zebra-print jacket lapels at Saint Laurent on Day 1 of Paris Fashion Week.

For a couple of minutes, the tulle-fueled collection of dreamy colourful clothes, the mesh-bubble-headed fairies and the weird sight of a slowly galloping trend unicorn transported us to a legendary place removed from the carnage and chaos of the previous few weeks.paris fashion week

The capital is the setting every year for the organisation of main cultural, sport and festive events… So Parisians, French and tourists meet on the quays of Paris for Paris Plages, Nuit Blanche, the Paris Marathon, the Roland Garros Grand …