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Now It is Beckham The Vogue House Builder

Nollywood actor/Film producer Kunle Afolayan shared a video of his beautiful mansion. I am all for robots contributing to New York Fashion Week, however I'm greater than willing to put that off just a few years if it means shortening the time between now and when I can have t-shirts that fix those annoying little holes they get down at the hem (you realize what I imply), denims that keep up with me as I fly from the Deep South to the Far North and back (as a result of I am insane), and socks that mend themselves when I snip the fabric as I lower off the sales tag (please inform me I am not the one one).

Captcha: ogresui 37 or what Anna Sui turns into roughly a half hour before her show opens during New York's fashion week. Some people consider sneakers as equipment, but they really …