Following London Trend Week each season, the four-day London Fashion Week Pageant (LFWF), formerly known as London Style Weekend, offers a client-oriented trend week experience. The set consists of two variants of 20 playing cards, 10 for each design, 20 hangtags also in 2 designs, 20 envelopes, beautifully lined and ready to use, plenty of london themed individual stickers to seal your envelope or selfish-ly keep to yourself (I won't judge ^_^), and a string of purple twine.

For example, Burberry has decided to not only function their latest assortment on the catwalk, but they're going to even be putting on an exhibition celebrating British heritage by means of a various vary of photographs that might be open to the general public from 18 September to 1 October.

As they stroll round with magical sigils, occult symbols and other ritualistic props throughout their bodies, the fashions are turned into magically charged objects, turning this fashion present” - which took place inside a Church - right into a satanic ritual with high magical fashion week

Monday morning will see veteran Irish designer Paul Costelloe, who used to kick off London Style Week a decade in the past, current his spring summer choices on the Waldorf - his daughter, opera singer Jessica is auditioning for the Rome Opera House whereas additionally organising a breakfast at London French bakery Paul for the fashion week

Petro and I work from our shared London office two to a few days every week and when we are not at our desks producing the pages you see in your weekly magazine The ICONS Update , or researching the online for the best wardrobe staples to upload on the site, we spend our time out and about on press days, conferences, breakfasts and shoots - and that is the day I'm going to take you through right now: the making of a Wardrobe ICONS 'Excellent Wardrobe' shoot.