The Top 6 Trends in Korean Fashion Now | by ZALORA | Medium

Korean clothing labels and local fashion are standard worldwide because of their colourful fabrics, vibrant prints, and pieces with a Western influence. K-pop (Korean Pop) is a Korean musical genre that combines various musical styles (rock, hip-hop, electronic, R&B) and is distinguished by colourful clothing, a plethora of accessories, and intricate choreography. This has a significant impact on young people’s fashion and the development of new trends. You can visit BritainReviews to have more insight into some of their fashion trends.

Along with other Asian cities such as Tokyo, Shanghai, and Taiwan, Seoul is now one of the world’s largest fashion hubs. Clothing products that appeal to the youth include denim, tops, pants, shirts, hoodies, and jackets, as the buyer here is young. There is special attention given to teenagers, even those with kids, as they tend to be underrated when it comes to fashion and relationships; you can visit dating websites for single parents to get more awareness of their plights.

1.  It’s the ideal place for new brands to launch.

Because many upcoming designers and fashion houses develop themselves, Korea is currently the fashion industry’s hotbed. Korea has all of the infrastructure needed to support a large textile industry, including factories, fabric mills, a large customer base, good corporate practices, celebrity culture, and educational and training opportunities.

2.  K-pop and K-drama

K-pop and K-dramas Influence Korean designers are astute and produce fashion that appeals to a broad audience. For their songs and costumes, and accessories, K-pop albums and artists have caused quite a stir worldwide.

The apparel is fashionable, vibrant, and appealing to a wide range of tastes. They also reach out to adults by returning to their origins by including a modernized version of traditional clothes in their videos.

What K-pop artists wear almost always becomes a theme and find its way into the wardrobes of young Korean men and women through retail stores. K-dramas are another vital aspect of

3.  Marketing

Promoting Korean fashion is known for its great branding and marketing, in addition to solid infrastructure, government support, and affordability (which makes Korean clothing brands more accessible). Pop culture plays a role here, ensuring that popular styles are still in the spotlight. Both K-pop artists and bands have their distinct types, which fans can emulate by purchasing similar apparel. There are also speciality shops that offer K-pop merchandise.

4.  Over-sized

If you look at Korean fashion, you’ll find that an oversized item appears in almost every outfit. They’re going to put it in everything. As previously said, you can pair an oversized sweater with a skirt or a tight pair of jeans, but you can also go oversized by combining only large pieces. If you’re new to Korean fashion, this is a great style to start with because it’s simple to achieve while remaining within your comfort zone.

5.  Accessories

In Korean fashion, you’ll notice a lot of accessories. They can elevate your whole ensemble. Earrings, glasses, and hair accessories are the most popular accessories. There has recently been a trend for pearl accessories, such as pearl earrings and pearl hair clips. This pattern appeals to me, and I recently placed an order for these pieces. You can buy them at many places lately, like Zara, Primark, and (hopefully) your local fashion stores, but if you’re a regular person, you can also order them from AliExpress for a lot less. s

6.  Patterns

The Koreans are known for their bold designs. They aren’t afraid to try and fit trends, and they are usually effective! You’ll see patterns like the checkered clothing mentioned earlier, striped clothing, and every other design you might think of. They also do this to fit with their boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/sister, or best friends, for example. We’re all familiar with couple tops, but the Koreans take it to the next stage, opting for complete matching ensembles, which you will adore!