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Gold is a valuable metal, perhaps the most valuable precious stone of them all, and therefore, it is often imitated in fake jewelry and blends of metal. You can get your gold online, and you only have to visit US-Reviews to find jewelry stores. Internationally, any gold that contains less than 10 karats or about 41.7{c13818e26d1340deaa22a21bdab286095a39782814fa8c756b2359b1e238415e} of gold is fake.

Therefore, to check whether what you have in your hands is real gold or just some metal coated with gold, you can the five steps below. However, you must note that the most efficient and effective way of testing your gold is to take it to a certified jeweler. This method involves expertise and, therefore, increases your level of assurance in the outcome of the test. Find the top jewelry store reviews in the US here.

1.  Do A Visual Inspection

There is usually an official marking on the gold that tells you the percentage of gold in the item. You will find this mark on the jewelry clasps or the inner bands of rings. You will find the hallmark also visible on the surface of coins or bullion.

In Europe, a stamp is a number from 1 to 999, while in the US, it is a grading system of 0K to 24K. Anything under 9K is not considered gold in the US, while internationally, any metal with less than 41.7{c13818e26d1340deaa22a21bdab286095a39782814fa8c756b2359b1e238415e} of gold is fake gold. It would help if you did not base your analysis solely on a visual inspection, as older pieces of jewelry do not have a hallmark.

Also, the markings may fade over time. In some countries, letter markings are common, such as GP, which stands for gold plated, and GF, which stands for gold-filled. It is not advisable to also base your judgment solely on the existence of the letter markings. This is because counterfeiters also try to mark the jewelry using both number and letter markings.

2.  The Acid Test

An acid test is one of the best methods to check for the authenticity of gold jewelry because it will only harm fake materials while a real gold metal will stay unharmed. To do the acid test, you should get liquid nitric acid at home. Make a small mark on the surface of the piece of gold so that the liquid can penetrate the surface of the gold.

After this, you should drop a small amount of the liquid nitric acid on the scratched slot and wait a while. If the mental is fake gold, the spot will immediately turn green. Gold over silver will turn milky, while pure gold will have the liquid acid unchanged in color.

3.  The Magnet Test

You have heard of the magnetic properties of metal. You must have also heard the gold is a metal. Well, genuine gold will not attract a magnet. This is the most convenient test for checking the authenticity of gold metal. Fake gold and alloys of it will attract a magnet, but real gold would not. Gold coins also will not be attracted to a magnet.

4.  The Float Test

You only need a cup of water to do the float test. Any piece of genuine gold, no matter the size, will sink to the bottom of any liquid. Since it is made of other materials, fake gold will float or hover a bit above the bottom of the container. Real gold also does not rust or discolor when it is wet.

5.  The Skin Test

For this test, you only have to hold the gold in your hands for a few minutes. The perspiration from your hand, reacting with the piece of gold, will cause your skin to discolor if the gold is fake. Genuine gold will not react with your skin.